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​​​What is GH-VAP?

The Global Health Vaccine Accelerator Platform (GH-VAP) program is designed to benefit Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Grantees and Partners by linking researchers with best-in-class research services to accelerate vaccine discovery and translation. Based on the successful model of CAVD (Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery), GH-VAP leverages existing infrastructure to provide broader access to select research platforms for BMGF grantees across disease areas. Standard conditions and agreements for access to data and a secure GH-VAP web portal provide uniform mechanisms by which grantees can request collaborative research support to accelerate their BMGF-funded vaccine discovery projects.

Can I get access to the GH-VAP portal?

Access to the secure GH-VAP portal is available to current BMGF grantees and those with grants in development at the BMGF. Investigators meeting these criteria can request a user account from their BMGF Program Officer. There is an expectation that data arising from GH-VAP services be shared in a manner consistent with the Data Sharing Principles (PDF). Therefore a grantee’s institution will be required to sign the Data Sharing Principles (PDF) document prior to the grantee being given a user account. BMGF Grantees, once registered for access, can submit a request for services from GH-VAP research platforms on the GH-VAP web portal. BMGF Grantees who are already members of CAVD can use their CAVD credentials to login to GH-VAP.


If you have questions, please email the GH-VAP Manager


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