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‚ÄčAntibody Isolation & Characterization


The antibody isolation & characterization platform partner's technology rapidly, accurately and comprehensively identifies the functional antibodies and T cell receptors in an immune response. The platform partner generates the complete variable region sequences of the natively paired immunoglobulin chains of single B and T cells in a high-throughput manner, so that the true, native antibodies and TCRs present in a patient are identified and can be expressed and studied.

Applications include (but are not limited to):

  • evaluation and comparison of vaccine-induced immune responses
  • delineation of the time course of the immune response
  • identification of antibodies conferring protection
  • discovery of the antigen targets of immune responses
  • identification of biomarkers for protection

Suitable input materials include:

  • Cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells (viability 80% or higher)
  • Single B cells sorted into microtiter plate
  • Fresh tissue

Available outputs include:

  • High fidelity paired heavy and light chain (or TCR) sequences, suitable for direct use in recombinant protein expression
  • T cell subset assignments
  • Sequence annotation (e.g. V(D)J assignments, somatic mutations, isotypes, CDR and framework region coordinates)
  • Clonal family assignments
  • Phyogenetic trees representing evolutionary relationships between antibodies or TCRs
  • Algorithmic prioritization of antibodies for recombinant protein expression
  • Recombinant antibody protein (e.g. for activity assays, antigen identification etc.)
  • Custom data analysis results