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​​​Human Immunoglobulin Repertoire Mice

The Kymouse™ platform, with the entire repertoire of human antibody diversity is able to mimic a normal humoral immune response and is an excellent technology to evaluate vaccine antigens. When immunized with candidate antigens or infected with pathogenic organisms, the Kymouse™ mounts an immune response and matures antibodies from their human building blocks.

The Kymouse™ has more than 5.4 million base-pairs of the human immunoglobulin locus in their genome. With a human antibody repertoire, Kymouse™ provides an experimentally accessible surrogate for assessing normal human immune responses, enabling the identification of therapeutic antibodies and determining vaccine efficacy in pre-clinical models of infection.

Kymab is able to immunise Kymouse™ with a defined immunogen and then identify and isolate monoclonal antibodies that reliably bind the antigen with desired properties. An appropriate immunogen is therefore a means of eliciting a protective immune response to a given pathogen and a tool for discovering therapeutic antibodies to treat a given disease. Consequently, it is possible to build processes for vaccine efficacy development and therapeutic antibody discovery, simultaneously.

The IntelliSelect™ system at Kymab, captures relevant antibody sequences from single B-cells, provides understanding of their evolutionary relationships, and can convert them into expression vectors to generate recombinant antibodies for high-throughput assays. Once a lead antibody has been identified, Kymab can deeply mine the repertoire to discover related antibodies with unique and potent therapeutic properties.

Recent Publications:

Sok D, Briney B, Jardine JJ, Kulp DW et al. (2016) Priming HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibody precursors in human Ig loci transgenic mice. Science 353(6307):1557-1560 30 September, 2016.



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