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​​​​Immunosequencing Services

The immunoSEQ Assay®, combines bias-controlled multiplex PCR with highly optimized primer sets and high-throughput sequencing that exclusively target the T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) genes. The immunoSEQ Technology enables researchers to analyze the adaptive immune system with exceptional depth and specificity. With immunoSEQ, you can get answers to basic science, disease and translational research questions related to the adaptive immune system, monitor response to therapies, and discover new prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers.

immunoSEQ Technology

Accuracy and Quantification by Design
immunoSEQ Assays utilize a multiplex PCR-based assay enabling us to sequence directly from genomic DNA. We provide precise, quantitative abundance data on your cell populations, unlike the relative abundance or variable expression data of RNA-based assays. Each immunoSEQ Assay contains synthetic immune templates as in-line controls that ensure accurate, quantitative, and unbiased results with batch-to-batch consistency.

immunoSEQ Assays

Amplify your understanding of the immune repertoire
Our assays provide accurate, quantitative, high-throughput sequencing of the CDR3 variable chain of immune cell receptors.

The CDR3 sequence acts as a unique tag for a clonal lineage, enabling the tracking of T- and B- cells over time, characterizing the diversity of the immune repertoire, and measuring the dynamics of disease and treatment.



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